Translating the longing

As I’ve listened to the various conversations around me this week, mostly focusing on social plans, primarily as they related to the tradition of gathering to celebrate the passing of the old year. there has been one common theme: no one wants to ring in the New Year alone.

Our deep seated need to “belong” means that we search for tribe or family with whom to celebrate special occasions, where that need to belong can be filled. It seems that we need that validation of others to fit some poorly defined gap in our sense of being.

It reminds me again how fortunate I am to be part of a tribe or church family, a place where by covenant I can truly belong. As a member of the household of God (1 Tim 3:15), I’m now a joint heir of a heavenly inheritance. This means that now there are others who care that I “belong”, and to whom I can reach out and share that belonging with. To be sure, it means that each of us is responsible to love, edify, encourage, teach, comfort, forgive, and with whom I’m called to work together to bear burdens.

Being part of this household of Faith (literally I suppose in this case), means that my longing for belonging is swallowed up by the joy in being part of the family of God.

May your New Year be filled with the peace of belonging as a vibrant and growing member of the family of God.

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