In the morning

I’m sitting in my new favorite hideout at the YUM center, waiting for the final session of the T4G, where we will be hearing from John Piper. However, I sit here with mixed emotions. Three days of hearing God’s Word faithfully proclaimed, three days of meeting other people who God has called to serve Him in various capacities in their local congregational context. Truth has been proclaimed, I have been challenged, convicted and inspired, all at the same time and at different times.

I am encouraged by the young men I have met, both inside my denomination and beyond, who have renewed my faith in the ability of my generation to carry this baton of this faith, once delivered.
God will continue to use His creation to bring glory to His Name.

I sit here too, with a sense of foreboding. Foreboding, as you see, when is session is over, we will be leaving immediately for a 10 hour ride home. Home to reality, to life in the trenches, to chaos, confusion, and to a work that will never be done until we finally arrive at our Real Home. Home to life as a bi vocational pastor where hard decisions will need to be made tomorrow when I return to my other lowercase work. Home to a church that expecting a sermon on Sunday. Home to a wife and children and family that I can’t wait to see, who have sacrificed and given up so much so that I could be here.

Dread, mixed with anticipation.
Someday, this looking ahead to the morning will be replaced with the real morning, one that can be anticipated with unreserved joy. Anticipation for the morning when the shadows of the shadowlands are replaced with the Substance, that belongs to Christ. Anticipation for the morning, when I will see his face, and his name will be on their foreheads. (Revelation 22:4 ESV)


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