We use words to convey the meaning of our thoughts. Sometimes, to our detriment, we make the wrong word choices, resulting in misinterpretation. When we are fortunate enough to make the correct word choices, meaning is conveyed, with clarity and accuracy.

Sometimes, there are no words. At times, there is no way that the correct words can be articulated. In times of sorrow, grief and loss, words are never enough. I’m challenged by the example of Job’s friends who brilliantly exemplify the comfort given through the gift of “presence”. I might also add, parenthetically, that they also provide a great example of words with incorrect meaning and misguided intent.
Today, I urge you, give the gift of the comfort of your presence to those in need of comfort. There are times in the deep valleys of life when words, no matter how skillfully they are articulated, will pale in comparison to your willingness to be “there” for those in need of comfort.

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