Modern Day Fellowship

A sort of modern-day retelling…

The Fellowship of the Believers — Acts 2:42-47

They devoted themselves once a week to the attendance of services and maybe even Sunday school, and less often to big events like Friday night Christian coffee houses and ”Trunk-or-Treat.”  Everyone was filled with a sense of duty and volunteerism — well most, some were filled with a desire to be passive members of an audience, though they called it “being fed.”  And many great feats of organization were accomplished by the pastors and leaders.  All the believers were together once a week and had a few things in common: the neighborhoods in which they lived, the cars they drove, and the schools their kids went to.  Selling their possessions and goods in garage sales, they made enough extra cash to go skiing in Crested Butte over Christmas break.  Every day they went about their own business and dealings, largely independent of other believers.  They did manage to occasionally type “hi” to one another on facebook, and to retweet any spiritual-sounding quotes they read from the ministers they follow.  They did this with glad and sincere hearts, praising technology and enjoying their vast communication networks.

And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved?


Ht: Brett Harrison



Does it resonate in your life?

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