Which Disturbs You Most?

Which Disturbs You Most?
A soul lost in Hell … or a scratch on your new car?
Your missing the worship service … or missing a day’s work?
A sermon 10 minutes too long … or lunch half hour late?
A church not growing … or your garden not growing?
Your Bible unopened … or your newspaper unread?
The church work being neglected … or housework neglected?
Missing a good Bible study … or your favorite TV program
The millions who do not know Christ … or your inability to keep up with the neighbors?
The cry of the multitude for bread … or your desire for another piece of German chocolate cake?
Your tithes decreasing … or your income decreasing?
Your children late for Sunday school and Church … or late for public school?

Which really disturbs you most?

The answer is found in those items in which you spend the most time, and more tellingly, in things that you do with what you consider your “free time”. My perspective is changed whenever I remember that my “free time” was bought with a price….Christ’s blood, as all of my time was. I am reminded that I can functionally devalue Christ’s sacrifice in my place when I use the time He has given me as though it is mine.

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