Signs of the Season

This evening, it was time for the annual stocking of my basement with firewood for the winter. You see, in my effort to be “eco- conscious”, I try to use as much renewable fuel as possible (perhaps its the price differential as well). As in most things, it can be rather unexciting labor.

However, as I was contorting my body into strange positions to facilitate the filling of every corner and crevice of available space (don’t judge me, I’m a hoarder), I began to think about using this annual sign of the season as something that had greater implications.

You see, stocking a house with firewood is something that must be done before the need for the firewood has arrived. If you wait until you need it, you can gather, but your gathering will be less fruitful and I can assure you the combustion will be less efficient! Proverbs 20:4 tells us that the sluggard doesn’t plow in the autumn, but rather expects to do nothing and still reap a harvest. If I extend that truth to my walk of faith, I quickly see that my life needs to be a life of preparation. So, the next time you find yourself stacking firewood, use it as a reminder to keep your oil jar full and your lamp trimmed so that you are ready when the Bridegroom Comes.

There are echoes of eternity in the everyday. Use them intentionally.


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One Response to Signs of the Season

  1. Michelle says:

    happy I subscribed…I didn’t realize you were such a wordsmith.

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