Time to Avert our Eyes

Yesterday, we spent the majority of the day at a family Christmas function. As we rode home last evening, I was venting to the love of my life that people have an unhealthy and morbid fascination with tragedy, much to their detriment. This morning, I see that David Murray has accurately articulated what needed to be said.

Here’s an excerpt

For most of us, it’s time to pull the plug and avert our gaze.

It is neither necessary nor wise for most of us to know all this horrifying information. What good purpose does it serve to hear or read exactly how the murderer went about his vile business, what was heard or seen in the classrooms and offices, how victims tried to defend themselves and others, etc? It is deeply damaging to our short and long-term mental, emotional, and spiritual health to expose ourselves to such bloodcurdling details.

Self-inflicted trauma
I’m not saying we ignore what happened, nor that we shouldn’t sympathise deeply with the families and the community. I’m saying most of us need only know enough to pray intelligently for the needs of the survivors, their families, and the community. But most of us know way, way more than that by now, darkening our waking hours and and disturbing our sleeping hours. I don’t think most of us realize the deep and damaging trauma we are inflicting upon ourselves.

Read all of it here

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One Response to Time to Avert our Eyes

  1. Jessica says:

    Hear hear! Thank you for sharing this.

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