Ending the Old Year, With a Completely Finished “To-Do” List

For many years, I have been looking for the right method to manage my myriad of messages, paperflow and assorted responsibilities. For the most part, I’ve come up with a solution that keeps me in front of the tidal wave, but definitely doesn’t ever let me get to that fictional land of “inbox zero”, or some other such non existent state of productivity utopia. For the most part, I, like most of you, have a tendency to feel rather overwhelmed by the ongoing responsibilities of our daily lives. None of my work flow methods seem to work – it does not matter which software, hardware, or paper method I use, I have found that I simply cannot get ahead, even though, day by day, I am getting better at saying no to adding more things to my life.

Over the past 2 years, I have enjoyed reading and learning much about productivity from Dr. David Murray, via his website. I have found his material to realistic (for the most part), engaging, and culturally aware. I wanted to share my delight with you when I read one of his recent posts about the never ending “to do ” lists.


I’ve tried countless different kinds of To-do lists. I’ve experimented with colorful cards, complicated mind-maps, sophisticated software, and innumerable Apps. And none of them ever gets me closer to “Done!” I keep hoping that somehow the right technique, the right method, or the right program will get my Inbox to zero, my desk trays to empty, and my latest To-do list all ticked off.

All in vain. Emails keep arriving, reports keep dropping, To-dos keep multiplying. An insatiable cacophony of “Do, Do, Do,” taunts me as I reluctantly come to the depressing conclusion that I will never be finished, that I’ll never be done.

Then I turn to Christianity and, to my unutterable and indescribable delight, I encounter the rare and refreshing words: “It is finished” (Jn. 19:30).

It is done. All done. Nothing in my spiritual Inbox. Nothing on my desk. No To-dos to be done. It is finished!

That’s the foundation, the starting point, the beginning of all true Christianity. Done! Done! Done!

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Thanks, David for giving all of us a timely reminder as we contemplate another year.

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