Satisfied with a private God

The problem really isn’t that we live in a post-Christian nation. We should accept that we do. We should be convinced of it. The problem is when we are therefore satisfied with that, and we find that Jesus is only our private savior, and our local comfort, and our homestyle god — one not fit to proclaim or defend when it’s His law and His Gospel which are being reproached by those who would rather see the world in tatters and in rags, headed toward a fire who will never go out. The problem is that we think the privilege of proclaiming the Gospel is that it should gain us privilege and not disrepute. When the side-eye comes against us because the Gospel offends, we think we’re the ones who have done something wrong.

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While I can’t say I’m a raving fan of the author, I believe he is spot on here. In fact, is the gradual erosion of our world view that deludes us into thinking that the world will find us attractive. Rather, we should seek for them to seek the God of glory at work in our lives, for his purposes, not ours, so that it is not our fiefdom that is built, but instead his kingdom extended.

I am at more times than I care guilty to admit of the charges above. What about you? Do you ever find yourself satisfied with a private God? Use the comments form below and let me know what you think!

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