He’s Got this

I came across the below today, an absolute bit of genius writing. Of course, it made me realize that for the most part, I can do little but share what others have so brilliantly articulated. Enjoy!!

I don’t know if it’s necessary to state the obvious, but I will.

I am a part of my church not because it is around the corner from my house. Not because it is conveniently located in a state I love. Not because it is filled with perfect specimens of Christianity. Not because the leadership there always makes the right and best decisions. And not because I have found there perfect theology or perfect community.

I am covenanted to my church because it is filled with people who are desperately seeking life and godliness in the context of the Gospel.

I am committed to walking alongside them, to submit myself to them, to seeing their lives be compelled by the Gospel, and committed to them committing the same to me. I am accountable to my leadership. I seek the counsel of godly men and women to whom the Lord has given positions of authority, knowing that their best interest is not my interest, but the Gospel.

I am safe there.
I am heard there.
I am challenged there.
I am pushed there.
I am called there.
I am loved there.

I am known there.

If the leadership at my church begins to stir up controversy with their sermons or books, or if they let a wolf run rampant among their sheep, or I feel a definite check in my spirit (and not simply the itch of serving alongside broken people in a broken world), I would consider that my business.

But as for the rest, I give it a rest. In the context of local church, it’s not my job to police the world, it’s my job to serve quietly, lead well, counsel gently, love deeply, walk humbly, do justly in the lives with whom I’m covenanted.

We are not pastored by podcasts, theologized by twitter, or found in Facebook. Our pointed fingers are unnecessary to bring about the union of all things eternal. God has this, He’s on His throne, His eyes on His children.

He’s got this.

Read it all here. here

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Reminded me yet again of the fact that my life tells everyone around me Who I trust.
What do you think? Surprise me, leave a comment.

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2 Responses to He’s Got this

  1. Michelle says:

    Who needs to use google reader? I just need to read your blog, as you post interesting and thought-provoking articles.

    The phrase ” it’s not my job to police the world” stands out as timely reminder where my focus should be.

  2. James says:

    We most definitely need to be anchored first and foremost to a local body of believers. When we trade away our theological moorings to someone who has never looked us in the eye, we make a grave mistake. Popular preachers can have a huge positive effect on the dissemination of truth. But we should never invest in them what they cannot deliver, specifically a caring community of faith. When a real brother or sister puts an arm on your shoulder and expresses care or concern, that moment should speak far louder than youtube ever has.

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