Leave No One on the Battlefield

Today is a milestone day
A day to remember
To celebrate
To share with others
A day that marks the passing away of the darkness, and the shining of the true light
Into the dark corners of your heart.
The transfer of your life from the dominion of darkness to the kingdom of light
A day when you take your vows, in front of a great cloud of witnesses
Family, friends, who come to witness
This new birth, this life change, this stand that you are taking
where you publicly declare and Confess the Son of God as Lord of your life
But hard times will come,
Doubts will crowd into your mind and trouble your heart
And the Father of Lies will try to dissuade and distract you
to lure you, back into the kingdom of darkness
And then is the time to remember, not just the events of this day but to also remember that
Everyone who has been born of God overcomes the world
The battle is already won
The Deceiver has been defeated
And all that we are called to do is be faithful and live faithfully until He comes
As a conquering king,
Then, I can promise you, life will make sense
All your questions will have answers
And all of us will know what true belonging means.
Today is the appetizer, the teaser,
When that sense of belonging comes close as you join the family of God
The visible body of Christ that we call a covenant community, a church
More than a building, we are the family of God
Called to pray for each other, encourage each other, and lift each other up,
And leave no one behind on the battlefield of life
After all, in Christ, we are a new creation
My prayer is that you remember the sufficiency of His death for all of your life,
So that when forever comes, and the old passes away and the new comes
That we see that true contentment and fulfillment comes when
We are always with Him.
Let’s anticipate this together.

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One Response to Leave No One on the Battlefield

  1. Michelle says:

    Well crafted, bro.
    The image my mind conjured as I read this made me think of Pilgrim’s Progress.

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