On Shearing

In a moment of rarity, I agreed to attend a “Christian Business” function.
Some may call that an oxymoron
And sadly be right
Some of the time
Days later, I still can’t get the one conversation out of my head
That I overhead
That was said with no shame
And I thought to myself at the time
“With billing practices like that,
It’s like wanting to shear the sheep and sell the mutton”
Of the same sheep, each year
It doesn’t work,
And you stood there
Claiming to follow the Good Shepherd.
And to believe in His call to serve His sheep.
And now, I can understand
In part
Why Jesus cleaned out the temple
And as I lie here, thinking about this,
Not sleeping
I pray that you would see
Your calling to show Christ in business
As more than a captive customer base
And instead as an opportunity
To discover and to share daily
The transformation of a life
That only a commitment to the Lordship of Christ can bring
Not the god of money
And that some day, instead of
Looking at every sheep you meet
As a potential source of fleece and mutton
That you would be drawn to love and care for them, to protect them and to build up the flock
Emulate the Shepherd, not the hireling.

This concludes my rant.

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