With Faces On

I am known to sometimes wake up at night, not able to return to sleep. In those moments, God impresses on my heart the need to pray for those people whom He has placed in my life who are in need of Him. Some of them don’t know Him, others are running from Him and some of them are simply too distracted to pay any attention to Him.

Sometimes it seems frustrating, lying there knowing that the sleep I need so desperately is eluding me. Yet, in it all, I have been shown that one of my biggest problems is that I do not care enough about the eternal consequences of those surrounding me.

The knowledge of the eternal implications of our everyday choices should frighten me. The fact that most of us live in rebellion from our All Holy Creator God should terrify me. The fact that each of us will bend the knee to God, either willingly now or unwillingly when eternity begins should motivate me.

The burden I feel for these few people displays my small perspective, my unwillingness to care about the Mass of humanity rushing toward eternity without giving it a second thought.

Then I realize why I have been granted those sleepless times. The people for whom I pray…

Are all of the world, with faces on.

Lord, make this burden grow, on me, and the people I am called to serve, so that together, we can put faces on a culture that values anonymity.

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