Little Things

My past few weeks have been an absolute maelstrom of activity. For some, that may excuse the lack of posting, for others, I’m sure it demonstrates a lack of discipline. That being said, I’m sure the world is more than likely a better place because of it.

It’s “the little things”….we use that phrase when we talk about the way someone either endears themselves to us, or does the opposite. It’s “the little things”, is the phrase we use when we are trying to teach our kids responsibility. It’s “the little things”, is the phrase we use when we think of what has all gone wrong in our week.

It’s “the little things”, though is rarely something that we say when we think about what Christ has done and is doing for us. Intrinsically, we know that His death on our behalf is a big thing, and His resurrection and ascension are as well (rightly so). But, we rarely stop to think about how “the little things” manifest His grace to us daily.

A week end for rejuvenation after a hard week.

A cup of coffee in the morning.

A child’s irrepressible laugh in the middle of the cares of adulthood

A sunrise, slowly moving over the horizon, at the end of a sleepless night

A kind word from a friend in the middle of a hard time

The existence of friends at all, someone who loves you and doesn’t have to (think about it)

Family – when the chips are down, you know who you can depend on

A good book- that stretches your mind to consider a viewpoint once foreign to your world.

Good art, be it music, a movie or something else – that reminds us of a greater beauty and gives us that sense of awe. Someday, we will know what awe is….

There are many more, but the little things really are the big things. A big reminder to my little self absorbed mind that God, the Creator and Redeemer of the universe, cares enough about me to give them to me. As simple as it sounds, I’m still grateful for it. And I know, in my heart that I should take less for granted and acknowledge Him more.
In the little things…

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