The End of Fear

At our evening service on Sunday evening, our distinguished presenter was walking us through the book of Micah in our Minor Prophets Survey Series. He shared chapter 4, verse 4b, which resonated with me:
“no one shall make them afraid, for the mouth of the Lord has spoken”.

I need to admit that I think those are the last words I heard him say. Deep, profound, almost impossible to believe truth. No one shall make them afraid. No one.

At the end of a week filled with uncertainty and fear for many, filled with marathon bombings, fertilizer plant explosions, multiple significant earthquakes, the horrors of the Gosnell trial, and many other things, those fourteen words were and remain balm to my soul, peace to my heart, and quiet to my mind.

To be honest, I cannot imagine a world without fear. Think of this: a world without terror, without temptation, without the fear of missing out, without the fear of separation from God, without the the fear of others. So much of what is wrong with this dark and broken planet is the result of fear at the foundation.

A terrorist terrorizes, because of fear.
Temptation tempts, because of fear. We fear that we will miss out, or that others will think less of us.
We make illogical decisions, because of fear. Genocide, infanticide all start in fear.
We fear separation from God – and nearly miss the simplicity of his plan of redemption
We fear death, not because we do not know what lies on the other side, but because we fear being wrong.

Fear is really just frightened doubt. And doubt, as you know, is at the core of all that is wrong. It is the root of sin, the place where we chose to hear “Has God really said”? And fear, fear that the Tempter might be right is what drove our first parents to eat that fruit of temptation.

But the day will come, we hear again and again, “when no one will make them afraid”.

We wait, we long, we hope, we pray for that day to come, in all of its unimaginable completeness. The day when fear ends, and real peace comes. In the rush and fury of my days, this is what carries me: that this promise is guaranteed “for the mouth of the Lord has spoken”. The same voice of the Lord that created all of creation with his voice, the world, humanity, unspeakable beauty will one day declare the end of fear.

So, I anticipate what I can barely imagine. What about you?

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