Marbles and Grapes

Christians can be grouped into two categories- marbles and grapes. Marbles are “single units that don’t affect each other except in collision”. Grapes on the other hand, mingle juices, each one is part of the fragrance of the church body.
The early Christians didn’t bounce around like loose marbles, ricocheting in all directions. Picture them as a cluster of ripe grapes, squeezed together by opposition from the culture, bleeding and mingling into one another.
Fellowship and worship, then, is genuine Christianity freely shared among God’s family members. Its sad to think of how many Christians today are missing that kind of closeness. Sermons and songs, while uplifting and necessary only provide part of a vital church encounter. We need involvement with others as well. If we roll in and out of church each week without acquiring a few grape juice stains, we really haven’t tasted the sweet wine of fellowship.

HT: Anne Ortlund

What about you? Can you be a marble and grape? If so how?

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