When your journey on this earth has ended,
When you and the Creator of the Universe have had that fate filled conversation,
When you have seen God as he is,

You will be sent where you want to be.

If you cannot let go of yourself,
If you hold tightly to the filth that you have loved for so long,
Those hates and bitternesses that you cannot set aside
Your imaginary mirror where your fictional glorious self is the the only star

Then He will push you away

You will be sent out of His presence
Out of the light, into the more than darkness
You will not like it, but it is better than the other option, spending eternity with a God that you could not bring yourself to worship.

You will be in good company,
Prophets, priests, kings, good people all, essentially every egotistical person who was unable to live without themselves,
People who cannot imagine themselves as “not good”,
People who refuse to bend to a God who will not bend to them

Before your journey ends
Before the path comes to the precipice
He gives You two choices.
Go to Him, or
go to hell
Because when time warps into eternity, we will all understand that hell is wherever He is not

Because of His son, the bridge of blood is there for you. Walk, enter, stay in His presence. Live. Stay amazed.

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One Response to Sent

  1. Michelle K. says:

    Now you are a poet! What a though-provoking poem.
    “Bridge of blood” what a great use of alliteration.

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