He is Near

We’ve just spent the past night camping at a little unserviced campground along the Cabot trail on Cape Breton Island. We woke up this morning to the sounds of an energetic woodpecker, the splashes of sea birds diving for fish, the sound of the waves on the rocks and the thrum of the Diesel engines of the lobster boats as they work frantically on the second last day of the season. Added to this natural perfection was the singular beauty of being unable to get a cell signal….
Rugged highlands behind me, the ocean in front of me- all seems right with my world. In fact, it’s times like this when it is easy to feel the nearness of Creator God and the wonder of the sheer majesty of His creation.
Yet, God is just as near when I’m at work, sitting at my desk in the battle of another day. He is just as near (believe it or not) when my kids are having a rate disagreement and nothing is going right. He is near when my blood pressure and my stress levels are through the roof, when unrealistic expectations and an never ending, constantly growing pile of things to do is taunting me. He’s there even when I get cell signal back :).

How easy it is to forgot that He is near. More importantly, it is frighteningly easy to forgot the reason He is near for us..Heb 7:25 tells us that He is near through the intercession of His Son.
That is something that makes our world right, regardless of circumstances and let’s us, as God’s people, live with the God who is near.

Not just when I’m on vacation.
Not just in the times of harmony
But in the everyday
The mundane
The frustrating, the stressful
Too often, they are the result of me forgetting the simple truth,
God is near- because of His Son

Time to go wake some sleeping tenters up by singing at the top of my lungs!



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2 Responses to He is Near

  1. Michelle says:

    Beautiful. Both words and pictures.

  2. Mike says:

    Well said…reminds me of our trip through there.

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