Engaging Culture- Opportunity for Training

Engaging Culture Course

We live in a culture in which Christianity is often viewed with ignorance, suspicion, or sometimes worse. A majority of Canadians no longer claim to believe in God — and those do aren’t always sure which god.

For Christians, all this can all be very challenging. We’d love to share the good news of Jesus Christ with compassion, conviction and clarity, but we often don’t know where to begin.

  • How do we talk to our friends, neighbours or colleagues with confidence?
  • How do we answer the difficult questions that Christians are often asked — everything from “why trust the Bible?” to “how can God allow evil?”
  • How can we understand deeply in order to communicate clearly?

It’s to help with all these issues and more that RZIM have developed the Engaging Culture Course — a four-part course that takes place on a series of Saturdays. It is aimed at people who want to get a thorough grounding in evangelism and apologetics in order to converse effectively with others about what and why they believe



September 28th in Toronto for anyone who is interested- register and let me know. I’ll cheerfully arrange some transportation.


Here’s the link for more info and registration http://engagingculture.eventbrite.ca/

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