Hard Choices that Seem Simple


As believers, we must treat God as God. It seems so obvious and nonsensical to state, but really,  It’s a hard choice. In fact, I think this is where we as God’s people keep falling again and again. We want to treat ourselves as God, don’t we? We want our timetables, our dreams, our hopes, our future plans, our measures of success to be the benchmark for our lives?  Am I right? 

If I’m right, our church will be a place focused on ourselves, on making ourselves more happy, occupied, maybe even distracted with a little measure of spiritual growth thrown in?  If I’m wrong, the place we gather would be for people who have been so transformed by what Christ has done that North American success means nothing.  Instead, we would be people on the move…moving outward to engage with our friends and neighbours who don’t know the gospel, not just overseas, but right beside us at the grocery checkout.  And we would gather, eagerly, not reluctantly,,  to encourage each other to keep up the fight, not to measure ourselves against ourselves. (Sidenote, if you want to know how a church measures success, listen to the conversations in the lobby after the service).

If we were brave enough to let God be God, we would understand that the gospel is only good news if it is heard in time. And that truth would motivate us, and call us to action – to relinquish kingship of our lives to God, God as God. 

Then we could be, as Paul was, described as those who would turn the world upside down.  Then, making a difference with your life would be measured differently……….

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