Let Go

I sit here, thinking, sighing, tired, literally sobbing,
Frustrated at my inability to clearly convey the truth
That you so desperately need to understand
Not because you do not hear it
But because there seems to be a disconnect between your ears and your heart,
Not because I have all the answers
But rather, because I know the One who does
And you did too, once, or said you did
But then life, and success, and accumulation, and a search for fulfilment got in the way
Fulfillment as measured by you and your friends,
Not the One who made you
Not the One who knew you
Before anyone called you by your name
He called you
And is still calling
Yet you walk, and run,
As far and as fast as you can from that call
Because, as resourceful and confident as you appear to be
You refuse to answer that call
Answering that call admits defeat, dependence,
Means brokenness, and an admission
That the ride that started as a thrilling carnival roundabout
Is now completely out of control.
Tonight, I pray that you have the courage to let go
To release yourself from the merry go round.
Knowing that the One who named you before you were named
Will catch you, and hold you.
And give you a place where
In the shadow of His wings
You can sing for joy
A song of praise, a song of thankfulness
A song that can never end
Because at His table there is no end
To the feast and the fellowship
If only
You have the courage to let go
To let yourself admit that you are broken
And only the One who let Himself be broken on a cruel Roman Cross
Can heal you.
You don’t need to meet someone else’s standards,
You never will, they will always want more, will always compete
All that you need to do, is open the door
To the One, God’s only Son
He will hold you in His hand
If you will let Him be Lord
Which He is, whether you admit it or not

Today, I found myself wishing for His return
Then begged Him to wait,
For you.
To let go of yourself.

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4 Responses to Let Go

  1. Michelle says:

    This makes T.S. Elliot look like an amateur…and “The Waste Land” like a rough draft.
    Poetry will always convey emotion more effectively than prose.

  2. Shirley says:

    Wow that is amazing! Keep it up; you bless others by taking the time to type those words that He sends your way!

  3. Colleen says:

    Yes and amen. The freedom of letting go! I will keep praying… Thanks for this.

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