Tracks Show

When our Creator took on flesh and and came to live on this muddy, dirty, broken planet, He gave us two commandments.

First – to love our Lord with all our heart, soul and might

Secondly- to love our neighbours as ourselves.

Helpful in understanding this is a tip, if you have the courage to try: ask God to call your bluff on the first two.

Like it or not, living means decisions. Life is a race, but it’s run across wet concrete. Tracks show. Life is a story, follow the tracks.

Living means writing every thought and action and embarrassing moment and failure down in forever ink. It means writing your story in God’s story. It means that God loves the messes that we are, the broken, hurting, selfish, obstinate vessels of flesh that we are. The God who created the universe with his Word can still bring himself glory through that. Admitting that our best is still compost but from this fertile ground, He is going to bring in a glorious harvest.

We are the dead, ripened to life by the One who dares to call us “my child”- only because of what his First Son did for us.

A harvest. An forever inheritance, a forever home. RUN


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