Though the Doors Were Locked

I was recently reading the story in John 20 where John recounts how the Risen Savior defies the laws of physics and passes directly through some walls into a locked room. Inside that room, His dejected and seemingly defeated followers were hiding out, trying to make sense of a world that has just imploded around them when their hoped for Kingdom was extinguished by the seemingly senseless death of the leader on a roman cross.

In that moment, the story spills out a narrative of hope and confidence against a world where the odds are seemingly insurmountable. Jesus comes, He stands with them and says “peace be with you”. In that moment, I imagine, the sense of relief in that room was likely so present that it was nearly tangible.

While I think of the peace that Christ brings, the bigger impression in this story is the way in which He enters. He does’t wait until the door is opened, he doesn’t knock tentatively, instead, He comes through the wall. The old rules don’t apply anymore where the Resurrected Lord of the Universe is concerned.

You know, it is like that in my life and yours as well. We often think that situations are hopeless, that hearts are too hard, and that there is no hope.

Though the doors were locked, Hope still came through.

When when I see no way through, He does.

I just need to wait.

And rest, knowing that

Though the doors were locked,

Walls mean nothing to my God.

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