Still In One Peace

I so needed this slap of truth tonight:

The God who hung the stars is big enough to hang a shining light of guidance over your people challenges. Plus, He’s bigger than your church’s naysayers, no shows, and negative bank balance.

The God who raised Lazarus from the grave is more than capable of raising up the leaders He needs from your congregation to do the work He wants to do in your neck of the woods.

Stop and pause long enough to step away from yourself and catalog the emotions you are feeling right now. Make a list. Hurt? Tired? Lonely? Fed up? Empty? Then talk to God and tell Him that’s how you are feeling. He listens with a depth none of us can fully appreciate but a depth from which we can completely benefit.

Are you wrestling with resentment? Take a trip down to the pool. Let God painfully pull the scab off the wound you’ve nursed. Let Him apply the healing sting of His salve of peace as He shares with you what it was like to walk up Golgotha’s winding path with a sense of purpose.

There is nothing God cannot understand about your discouragement right now. Even as you read this letter, His Holy Spirit is whispering in your ear, “There’s hope.” Can you hear it?

You can sigh with hope, my friend. May this letter find you hopefully discouraged. And so, as Leonard Sweet is known for saying in closing…

Still in one peace,

Your Encourager

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