Words Taken Out of My Mouth

It is always a pleasant surprise when you find an article where someone expresses the thoughts rolling around your brain far more clearly than you could have yourself. 
Check out this quote on “discernment bloggers” or “internet experts” or whatever you want to call these single focused ministries. 
 QDBs primarily aim for the sexy controversies while letting the more humdrum pastors handle the duller mission of loving, caring, and teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. Thus blogs and groups often take negative and militant “discernment” names and postures, telling more about who they condemn than Who they proclaim. What is the point in such a singular, isolated mission approach? Does it align with Scripture’s emphasis that pastors must first teach the gospel to build the church, while also on the side rebuke the false teaching when that need arises?

Better yet, read the entire article Right here
Happy Saturday everyone!

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