He Left it All

There I was, sitting in my third church service in less than twenty-four hours, with thoughts all –a tumble in my brain. I admit it: I was overwhelmed by the seen needs and depressed by the number of unseen hands that weren’t helping no matter how hard I hoped. 

Then, I sat up and starting hearing the words that I was listening to, if that makes any sense at all. This is what I heard.

he didn’t bring an army

to help him on his way

he didn’t bring an angel

to praise him night and day

he didn’t bring one piece of Gold

to buy some food to eat

instead he turned and he laid it all

at the fathers feet

he left it all, to rescue me

he left it all, to die on calvary,

he left it all, not one comfort did he bring

not his robe, not his crown

not then thousand bowing down

not one piece of jasper wall. He left it all

this man they’re crucifying he says he is a king

but judging from the clothes he wears

he doesn’t own a thing

but little did they know that day

as his blood came streaming down

he owned the sun the stars and the moon

he even owned the ground

he left it all, to rescue me

he left it all, to die on calvary,

he left it all, not one comfort did he bring

not his robe, not his crown

not then thousand bowing down

not one piece of jasper wall. He left it all

not one piece of Jasper wall

he left it all


Just like that, the tumblers in my brain clicked into place and the doors began to open. You see, I was struggling with how to communicate my strongly held belief that the role of the church, in times of suffering, is to reach out to those less fortunate. When we consider the global catastrophe that is our current refugee situation, I think it is far more important that our opinions be shaped by the word of God, rather than talk radio. I think chapter and verse brings more reality to bear than clickbait on social media. Too many times, we mistake conversation for action, dialogue for effort, and are in reality just too lazy or too greedy to give sacrificially of our time or money. I watch the raging debates of fake outrage on social media by people who are more concerned with being right than they are with making a difference, I see people attempting to drive their own agendas forward by capitalizing on the misfortunes of others. And I grieve.

But God (two of the my favourite words when paired together), makes a mockery out of our greedy and clutching hands, out of our obsession with regularity, comfort, possessions and security when he reminds us of the sacrifice that He made…His one and only Son. And that Son came to earth as a baby, to a poor family in a forsaken part of the world. Just as assuredly as He brought nothing into this world we too can expect not to take anything out.


That leaves an awkward question: What will you do with that reality?

What do you do with the homeless man that you see walking down the street? The face of the child who has seen too much of life and has found no security in any of the places that were supposed to be safe? The boat load of refugees who have seen their families executed and their daughters kidnapped?


Is discipleship really not supposed to be costly? Can you tell the One who died for you that it is just too much bother to care for your brother or sister in need, even though they are from a different place and speak a different language, or have a different hope. All of us face the same future, the same two choices. 


Philippians 2 tell us that Christ’s children should:

5 Make your own attitude that of Christ Jesus,

6 who, existing in the form of God,

did not consider equality with God

as something to be used for His own advantage.

7 Instead He emptied Himself

by assuming the form of a slave,

taking on the likeness of men.

And when He had come as a man

in His external form,

8 He humbled Himself by becoming obedient

to the point of death—

even to death on a cross.


Emptied, slave, humbled, obedient. Hard words. But words of reality nonetheless. There’s an entire world waiting to see which Jesus you reflect.


Reach out, let go. Don’t be afraid to be the one who left it all.
















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