With Wings as Eagles

Some of you have asked for a copy of yesterday’s literal translation of Isaiah 40:27-31.  
Here you go:
How often, how many times, how long, do you assert and declare, O son of Isaac, and proclaim loudly, O Son of Jacob?

My journey, my conduct, my example, my path is actively hidden and concealed from the God and Lord of Israel, and my right, my claim, my decisions are disregarded and actively passed over/ignored by your shrunken perceptions of God daily.

Have you not clearly understood, acknowledged and declared?

But you, you most assuredly disregarded that the God of Israel is Lord and from ancient times and forward into eternity is the only divine God.

He is the one that who brought about and actively created the corners, edges and even the fringes of the countries and their lands.

He does not become exhausted or breathless or tired from the effort of His worries.

He Himself is the only source of His discernment and skill filled understanding that cannot be searched in the depths or recesses because it is unfathomable.

He apportions, brings down literally knock out power to the weary one

And to him who has no power or strength remaining, even the ones lacking maturity, he abundantly enlarges and gives great might and power.

Even though the children, the dependent, and the young shall become exhausted and weary from their work and efforts, even the vigorous young men get tired, stumble and fall.

But those who hopefully, expectantly and patiently wait for the One God of Israel shall watch and see springing and sprouting anew a charged knockout power.

They shall ascend and approach on the attack with wings like a great strong eagle.

They shall dash back and forth like messengers do, outrunning everyone, and are in capable of or fail at becoming tired or weary from their efforts.

They shall journey and cannot become exhausted.

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