Pea Sized Faith

Reflecting on this:

When Peter opposed Christ’s expressed mission to the cross (see Matt. 16:21Ͳ23 he was told:
“Get out of my way, Satan. You are a hindrance to me. You’re approaching this mission from a human perspective, not God’s.” Peter was still in his own box of pea sized Christianity. Peasized Christianity comes in boxes of many shapes and sizes, and at least one box can fit any Christian who allows it

. These boxes keep us from a discipleship and an evangelism that’s big enough
to fill a worldsized Gap. You don’t find very many sunrises in a box!

For example, there is a pea-sized box called convert Christianity—life in Christ gets no bigger than making it safely inside the Kingdom.

Or there’s character Christianity—life in Christ gets no bigger than pulling one’s own spiritual act together.

Not far behind this follows consumption Christianity—which boxes up life in Christ into meeting one’s own personal needs, and that’s all.

When life in Christ is no bigger than the warm, secure fellowship I have each week with my good Christian buddies, I’m in the box of cloister Christianity.

Or, when life in Christ is no bigger for me than getting nicely settled in a good paying job after graduation, then I’m trapped in career Christianity.

Many of us are groping around the box of church Christianity—our life in Christ has
grown no bigger than the Sunday School picnic, the choir’s Christmas pageant, the monthly finance committee meetings, or scouting out who’s absent from midweek prayer service.

A form of pea sized Christianity that affects all of us to some degree is culture Christianity. In this box our life in Christ grows no bigger than a North American, white, middleͲclass brand of worship and witness. We relish in our tried and true traditions, which we erroneously equate with the eternal ways of the Kingdom itself.

In summary, when my Christian experience expands no further than my salvation or small group, or church, or future, it’s pea sized.

When I compartmentalize my walk with Christ into neat packages
of prayer, Bible study, worship, fellowship, evangelism and (somewhere off to the side) missions, it’s pea sized. When my activities and interests don’t vitally link me to the reaching of earth’s unreached people, I’ve succumbed to pea sized Christianity.

  • David Bryant
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